Hundreds of people have used our methods to start and scale their business, get more customers and profit, personally develop themselves, and reach success.

Kristen Jenna
Corporate job to $60k months
Manifestation Coach
North Carolina, United States
Kristen was making $200/mo in her business when she got on a free 30 minute strategy call with Ross. In the next 7 days, she make $8,000. And over the next 12 months grew her new manifestation business to $60,000 per month.
6 Figures
Andrea Wise
Scaled her consulting business
Operations Consultant
Chicago, United States
Andrea was able to scale her business, make her income more predictable, and generate more leads after joining Ross Johnson's program.
6 Figures
Lauren Artigues
Created consistency in her business
Acne Healing Coach
Louisiana, United States
Lauren was struggling with consistency in her business. She would get clients on month, then the next she would get nothing. This lack of consistency was stressing her out. After joining the program, she was able to get her business to $10,000+ months consistently and booked her coaching business out for several months in advance.
6 Figures
Max Karg
Got strategies the he needed to scale
Automative Consultant
California, United States
Max got what he needed to be able to start scaling his business and make some great connections inside the community.
6 Figures
Michael Gonzalez
Made $13k in course pre-sales
Online Fitness Coach
Florida, United States
Michael wanted to transition his in-person 1:1 fitness coaching business to online coaching, but didn't know how to get started. He joined the program and in the first month, he made $13,000 in pre-sales for his new online course.
6 Figures
Anna Nassery
Grew her business 250% in 3 months
Branding Consultant
Texas, United States
When Anna came to Ross she was stuck making around $10,000 per month in her branding business. In just the first few months, she was able to grow that revenue by 250% and has since gone on to grow her business to over $100,000 per month consistently.
7 Figures
Zakk Colburn
Went from $2k to $10k months
Fitness & Business Coach
California, United States
Zakk was struggling to grow his online fitness coaching business and was stuck making around $2,000 per month. After joining the program, we was able to increase his prices and get to $10,000 per month in the first 45 days. Today, Zakk has gone on to add business coaching service and makes over $50,000 per month.
6 Figures
Eleni Chechopoulos
Went from $3k to $20k months
Nutrition Coach
California, United States
Eleni was struggling to scale her business and was stuck around $3,000 per month. After joining Ross Johnson's program, she was able to create an online course, free up more of her time, and start making $20,000 per month.
6 Figures
Alex Stemplewski
Generated 3,000 leads in a week
TikTok Coach
California, United States
Alex has one of the biggest TikTok accounts on earth, but lacked the business foundation to create a business out of it. After joining one of Ross Johnson's programs, Alex was able to build a simple funnel and start generating thousands of leads for his new business.
6 Figures
Taryn Landberg
Made over $6k in course pre-sales
Marketing Coach
Taryn made $10k in the first 7 days
6 Figures
Mimi Watt
From 9-5 job to $15,000 launch
Social Media Coach
Mimi was working a 9-5 job at a coffee shop with a dream of becoming an online coach. Within 2 months of joining Ross Johnson's program, she was able to quit her job, go full-time in her business, and make over $15,000 in revenue.
Making Money
Moe Ghias
Tripled business in first 30 days
Fitness Coach
California, United States
After 2 years of trying to build his business and hiring countless business coaches, Moe was stuck at $4,000 per month. No matter what he did, he couldn't breakthrough to the next level. Then he joined Ross Johnson's program and within the first 30 days Moe made $15,000 without launching (his biggest month ever).
6 Figures