Hundreds of people have used our methods to start and scale their business, get more customers and profit, personally develop themselves, and reach success.

Patrick Rogers
Zero to $150k with Facebook ads
Local Business Consultant
Puerto Rico
Patrick was spending thousands per month on agencies, business coaches, and advertising with no results. Even though he had a great coaching service to offer, he struggled to get clients. Then he joined Ross Johnson's program and within 2 months of implementing his client attraction strategy, Patrick made over $150,000 and completely changed his life.
6 Figures
Kate Mann
Made $20k on her launch
Life Coach
North Carolina, United States
Kate started working with Ross to launch her new program and made over $20,000 during the launch.
6 Figures
Shannon Bokhoor
From working two jobs to $20k months
Social Media Consultant
California, United States
When Shannon first joined Ross Johnson's courses, she was working 2 jobs and making $1,400 per month. A year after joining, Shannon now has gone full-time in her own business and makes over $20,000 per month.
6 Figures
Juan Campos
New business made over $700k
Email Consultant
California, United States
Juan came to ross when he was working 80+ hours per week, on completely different projects, and overextending himself. He was a more of a freelancer than a business owner. In just 12 months, Juan started a new business focused only on email, cut out all other distractions, and quickly grew it to $700,000 in revenue working only 40 hours per week.
7 Figures
Kristen Jenna
Corporate job to $60k months
Manifestation Coach
North Carolina, United States
Kristen was making $200/mo in her business when she got on a free 30 minute strategy call with Ross. In the next 7 days, she make $8,000. And over the next 12 months grew her new manifestation business to $60,000 per month.
6 Figures
Kevin Hamidi
New business to $10k in 30 days
Personal Trainer Coach
Kalamazoo, Michigan
When Kevin came across Ross Johnson, he wanted to switch his niche from fitness coaching to business coaching for personal trainers. In just 30 days of joining the course, Kevin did that and made his first $10,000 month in the process. Now he makes multiple 6-figures.
6 Figures
Virginia De Assis
From nothing to $30k months
Copywriting Coach
Munich, Germany
Virginia first came to Ross when she was in the fashion manufacturing business. Through his course she found a completely new niche, became a copywriting coach, and quickly grew her business from zero to multiple 6-figures.
6 Figures
Molly Kubes
Went from $10k to $30k months
Spiritual Business Coach
When Molly came across Ross, she already had a successful coaching business making $10,000 per month. But she was struggling to take it to the next level. After implementing the program, she was able to get clear on her messaging and scale up to $30,000 months consistently.
6 Figures
Alessandra Nicole
Made over $6k in course pre-sales
Marketing Coach
Alessandra was struggling with her time. She was booked out with 1:1 clients and had traded all her time away. Through implementing the program, she was able to build her own online course, make $6,000 in pre-launch sales, and gain more free time in her business.
6 Figures