About Smartcoach

Who we help

We help coaches, course creators, and experts. We work with people who are experts in their field, but feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to business, marketing, and sales. These people have everything needed to build a highly profitable business, but are lacking the systems, tools, structures, and guidance on how to do it.

what we do

We help these coaches build six and seven figure businesses with high profit, small teams, happy clients, and a fun lifestyle. We do this through our two training programs – Academy and Mastermind. Our programs are designed to increase: client results, profit, happiness.

our philosophy

We help you strike the perfect balance between client results, profitability, and happiness. To achieve this harmony, we build businesses based on six core principles:

1. Results – get clients results. 

2. Simplicity – do more with less. 

3. Speed – turn weeks into days.

4. Fun – love what you’re doing. 

5. Quality – create great things. 

6. Profit – profits over revenue.

our story

Part 1. The missing piece

In all started back in 2015 when Ross became a personal trainer. He tried working in gyms, but struggled because his certification never taught him how to sell or market to get clients. Realizing this, Ross decided to stop training and start learning everything he possibly could about marketing and sales.

Part 2. Solving a problem

After 20 months of relentless study, Ross noticed an opportunity to apply his new expertise in marketing and sales. Entrepreneurs all around him were “struggling with Instagram” and wanted help building their audience, so he started offering this service to them. His agency exploded. It got featured in Forbes, attracted celebrity clients, and earned seven figures.

Part 3. Back to the start

The agency was profitable, but not fun. Ross wanted to serve on a deeper level and really help people, so he started teaching coaches/trainers how to get clients (helping people who struggled like he used to). This business was even more successful than the agency and it quickly reached the seven figure level without any paid advertising.

Part 4. The partnership

That’s when Ross met Jess. All this time, she had been working as the #1 sales person at various companies and wanted help turning that skill into a coaching business. Working on this together, Jess grew her coaching business to seven figures in less than 2 years.

Part 5. Smartcoach.com

After meeting in person and falling in love, Ross and Jess decided to join forces to build a new company together with the same mission of teaching marketing and sales to coaches, so they can attract clients, get them results, earn a profit, and have fun while doing it.

our team

Ross Johnson


Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business.

Jess Johnson


Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business.

Alyssa Lehman

Client Success Manager

Onboards students, and holds clients accountable to results.

Natalie Holbrook

Enrollment Specialist

Manages student enrollment, and coaches clients on sales.

contact us

The best way to contact us is via email – support@smartcoach.com 

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